Cheerio-burner lights up

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  • August 9, 2012 - 9:44 AM

From the Star Tribune's  Morning Hot Dish newsletter by Baird Helgeson:

A same-sex marriage opponent has become something of a national sensation when his one-man flaming Cheerios protest went awry.

In the video, a man identified by Smoking Gun as Michael Leisner is seen outside the General Mills headquarters in Golden Valley carrying a blowtorch to set afire a box of Cheerios, in protest of the company’s opposition to the marriage amendment.

It appears Leisner added a little gasoline or other fuel for dramatic effect. When he hits the box with the flame, the Cheerios combust and fall on the ground, creating a fire-strewn lawn.

The last seconds of the video show Leisner scrambling to stomp out the flames before he hurriedly instructs his off-camera friends to get in the car.

The video already has been shown on The Daily Show and Chelsea Lately. See for yourself at .

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