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  • April 22, 2015 - 1:43 PM

The Cookie Book

Third edition

For 12 years, the Star Tribune has invited readers to share their favorite recipes for our annual holiday baking contest. Over those years, Taste editor Lee Svitak Dean and staff writer Rick Nelson have reviewed more than 2,600 recipes, selecting the very best to publish annually. “The Cookie Book” brings together 64 recipes from the contest years. From Cardamom Shortbread to Anise Pecan Cookies, Swiss Chocolate Buttersweets and Pistachio Orange Cookies, there’s a recipe for any sweet tooth.

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Savage Minnesota

A Star Tribune serialized novel

Sam Rivers, special agent for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, has been called in to help investigate what appears to be a rare fatal cougar attack on a human in Minnesota. But once Rivers gets a look at the evidence, he begins to suspect something even more sinister. It will take all of his expertise in wildlife, science and investigative techniques to solve this mystery.

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Saving Bobbi

One girl’s descent into the world of child sex trafficking.

Child sex trafficking in Minnesota has been largely hidden by the digital age. But it’s there — in big cities, small towns and rural areas. Bobbi Larson was just 17 when she was ensnared in this damaging marketplace, where pimps target vulnerable kids, luring them with attention, drugs, a place to stay. Now a young adult, Bobbi and her family decided to tell her story to try to help other girls avoid the trauma she endured. Even as she was being bought and sold, an unusual collection of Minnesotans — prosecutors, Catholic sisters, a billionaire hotel company executive, formerly prostituted women, advocates, truckers and cops — were taking aim at dismantling the seedy networks of websites, pimps and johns. Their efforts have put Minnesota in the vanguard of states intent on ending sex trafficking of children.

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Giving Up the Ghost

A novel by Mary Logue

The Star Tribune’s first published novel is the haunting story of a young woman named Wendy, whose husband, Richard, dies suddenly when they are Up North at their cabin. As the November days grow shorter and winter looms, Wendy cannot bring herself to leave the cabin and return to the Cities—because she keeps seeing Richard’s ghost. This lovely, mysterious story of loss and love is by Mary Logue, one of Minnesota’s finest writers. Logue is a poet, fiction writer, and children’s author and has published more than 25 books. She has won a Minnesota Book Award, the Charlotte Zolotow Honor Award, and many other honors. She lives with her husband, writer Pete Hautman, in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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The Road Back

Adrian Peterson’s path to recovery and domination in the NFL

Adrian Peterson had major surgery on his left knee on Dec. 30, 2011, making it unlikely the Vikings’ All-Pro running back would be ready for the start of the 2012 NFL season. He vowed to return better than ever, even as his team tried to temper enthusiasm. Over the past year, Star Tribune writers chronicled Peterson’s offseason recovery, his impatient training camp, his return to the field and the remarkable second half of his season. The Road Back brings together the Star Tribune's exclusive coverage of Peterson's pursuit of NFL records and efforts to lead his team into the playoffs.

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In the Footsteps of Little Crow

150 Years After the U.S.-Dakota War

At the Star Tribune, as we approached the 150th anniversary of the U.S.-Dakota War, we decided to try to explain the significance of this awful time with a historical narrative, as told throughthe story of Little Crow, a Dakota chief who, at times reluctantly, led the 1862 rebellion.

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