Binocular donations

  • Blog Post by: Jim Williams
  • November 25, 2012 - 2:31 PM

Birders' Exchange (BEX), which began as a small optics "recycling" program at the Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences in 1990 has become the major conservation initiative of the American Birding
Association. The BEX program supplies optics,
books, and other new and used donated equipment to
researchers, educators, university students, and children’s programs 
throughout  the 
Central and South America.

BEX is helping to
support an increasing number of people who are conserving migratory
and endemic birds, protecting some of the most ecologically
important habitats, and teaching
about the value of birds.

To further its mission, BEX needs
our help. BEX recipients need good quality optics, preferably rubber-armored and/or waterproof, and in excellent working condition. BEX has no budget to repair optics, and non-waterproof
optics have a very short life span in the wet climates of the
tropics. Financial donations are welcome; they allow BEX to purchase high-quality optics at discounted prices.

Optics are required for
meaningful conservation efforts.

The program is under the direction of 
Betty Petersen,
American Birding Association
Birders' Exchange director,,
800-850-2473 X223. The
shipping address for BEX donations is
1618 W. Colorado Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

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