Erdrich excerpt makes Eggers anthology

  • Blog Post by: Laurie Hertzel
  • August 3, 2012 - 1:29 PM


 Louise Erdrich's short story, "The Years of My Birth," which ran in the New Yorker, is part of a larger work--her newest novel, "The Round House," which will be published in October by Harper. It's the lively account of the birth and early years of Linda Wishkob, told in the first person, which is kind of remarkable when you realize that "The Round House" is also told in the first person, but by somebody else entirely.

The story/excerpt is also included in Dave Eggers' annual "The Best American Nonrequired Reading," which will be published in October as well, by Mariner Books.

As might be expected from Eggers, it's lively, eclectic and surprising, with the venerable Robert Hass and Adam Hochschild cheek by jowl with something from the Occupied Wall Street Journal and a whole collection of tweets.

There's stuff from the New Yorker and stuff from the online-only journal Byliner.

Eggers is all over the map! But it's all good stuff, and interesting, and one of those satsifying blends of names you recognize and respect and maybe even love, and names you've never heard of but will be glad to get to know.

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