Fruit and whipped cream is a great combination, but there are other things to try.

Joel Koyama, Star Tribune

Refrigerator cake: Keep your options open

  • Article by: Nicole Hvidsten
  • July 25, 2012 - 3:21 PM

While we think that whipped cream and berries is one of summer's best combos for this cake, several other variations seem just as appealing. Use this cake as a canvas to come up with other choices.

Combine a little lemon curd or lemon zest with the whipped cream (with or without the mascarpone) for a light lemony filling on the inside.

Chocolate more your style? Fold in mini-mini chocolate chips to the filling (with or without the mascarpone) or add finely chopped chocolate to the mixture.

Or think crumbs, as in Oreo crumbs, if you're a fan of the Blizzard-style summer treat. Fold those into the whipping cream filling instead, in a variation of the Nabisco chocolate wafer/whipped cream dessert.

Or make this a cake with more than two layers by baking it in round pans and slicing each into two layers (for a total of four). If you have a cake carrier, this is a particularly handy way of storing the cake in the refrigerator and carrying it elsewhere, as needed.

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