Chart: A select group of medalists

  • Article by: PATRICK REUSSE
  • Star Tribune
  • July 15, 2012 - 7:35 AM

There was an open weight class for Greco-Roman wrestling at the initial Olympics in Athens in 1896. Greco-Roman regained its place at the Olympics with four weight classes at the 1908 London Games. Greco-Roman has been part of the Olympic program since then. There are now seven weight classes.

The United States has won 14 of the 546 Greco-Roman medals that have been awarded in the Olympics since 1908. Here's the list:

Flyweight: Brandon Paulson, silver, 1996 Atlanta.

Bantamweight: Dennis Hall, silver, 1996 Atlanta.

Lightweight: Bronze, James Martinez, 1984 Los Angeles*; Rodney Smith, 1992 Barcelona.

Welterweight: Silver, Matt Lindland, 2000 Sydney.

Heavyweight: Silver, Dennis Koslowski, 1992 Barcelona. Bronze, Koslowski, 1988 Seoul; Adam Wheeler, 2008 Beijing; Bronze, Garrett Lowney, 2000 Sydney.

Super heavyweight: Gold, Jeff Blatnik, 1984 Los Angeles*; Rulon Gardner, 2000 Sydney. Silver, Matt Ghaffari, 1996 Atlanta. Bronze, Gardner, 2004 Athens.

Light heavyweight: Gold, Steve Fraser, 1984 Los Angeles*.

* Los Angeles Games were boycotted by Soviet bloc nations, eliminating many of the best Greco-Roman competitors. ** Light heavyweight class no longer in Olympic program.

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