This man wants to marry you

  • Blog Post by: Jane Friedmann
  • July 12, 2012 - 11:15 AM

I received an email earlier today from an Iranian fellow who wants to marry any female U.S. citizen.

I'll grant his wish to publish his email and photo, but also take him up on his offer to allow me to edit his text. Good luck and if you are able to track him down and decide on a wedding date, I'd like to be the maid of honor.

 Here is his plea:
please help.that is important for me.please print this news:
((hi dears
i am alireza oveissi.i am 32 years old(1980),172cm and iranian
bachelore of computer hardware my father name is eiraj my id 539
lssued of [city name removed by Whistleblower for your protection].
i want emigrate to usa but for this
purpose i need marriage with usa girl that
she be citizenship of usa.
is somebody for help me?
for [email address removed by Whistleblower for your protection]))
please print my email and my picture to your paper and your site
mybe some girl accept me please.
thank much.
my picture attache to this mail.
if necesarry to edit this news you are allowed to edit.
thank you

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