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Ask the consultant: How can I make my money book stand out?

  • July 8, 2012 - 3:43 PM

I am a Maple Grove-based business owner and have just finished writing my first book coming out in January 2013. What are some things I could do to have this book stand out from all the other money books that will be released in January and to help move from a primarily local platform to a more national platform?




Standing out in any category requires a deliberate strategy, tenacious execution and some luck. January's the month when people resolve to do better and will be looking for books like yours, but yours won't be the only source of advice out there.

Identify what makes your book relevant and distinctive, and a short way to summarize that. This is why people will want to write about, sell and buy your book.

Use non-paid media to get the word out through multiple channels. You can buy lists of bloggers, writers, reporters and columnists who cover personal finance. Many media outlets plan editorial calendars far in advance so this summer is not too soon to start contacting some of the longer-lead media (magazines) about their January issues. Personal finance is covered year round, so if something doesn't appear in January, it's not the end of the world.

You already have a good website, and I'd add content from the book to it and excerpts that can be downloaded and used with attribution by media, as well as a way for people to order the book. When they're on your site, they're your best prospects. Ask visitors to your site to tell their friends about the book. You may also consider offering a special discount.

Consider offering your book online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, if you haven't arranged that already. Facebook and Twitter are also ways to get the word out, so mobilize your family, friends and business contacts to help spread the word, and don't be afraid to use your LinkedIn network, too.

Adult education courses, professional organizations, associations and investment clubs are often looking for speakers or content, so promoting yourself to them is a way to get in front of groups of people that can not only buy your book, but refer others and promote you. You could create a video from a speaking engagement for YouTube.

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