Kelly Rowland arrives at the 54th annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 12, 2012 in Los Angeles.

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At Pride show, Rowland put her naughty side on display

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  • Star Tribune
  • June 25, 2012 - 9:17 PM

Kelly Rowland drifted into raunchy territory during her Saturday performance at Twin Cities Pride.

I've always thought of this Destiny's Child alum as being one of the classy members of that trio, although she was singing about jelly and being too "Bootylicious" along with Michelle Williams and Beyoncé. On Friday, for example, Rowland seemed slightly pious when she posted a complimentary video on Twitter about the crooning abilities of Marvin Winans (the gospel singer and pastor who was seen looking bored on CNN while waiting his turn to give a eulogy at Whitney Houston's funeral).

But Rowland praised her naughtier nature Saturday when she referred to herself as "a bit of a pervert" around her extremely fit male dancers.

Probably not a good idea to call yourself a pervert the day after disgraced former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was found guilty 45 times. Maybe she doesn't know many words, I thought. My pal Shaun LaBelle, whose production company shoots the TC Pride TV commercials and who arranged for me to interview Rowland, said Jody Watley might have made the point about the dancers more subtly by saying Mmmm. LaBelle was Watley's bass player.

Well, there was nothing subtle about this next attention-grabbing move.

Rowland was wearing black ankle boots, a textured bra top and short-shorts when she took the microphone and suggestively twirled it in front of her short-shorts. Even after examining the lyrics Rowland wrote for sexually charged songs such as "Motivation," "Work" and "Like This," the Pride visual was still stupefying.

Nothing this alarming happened during the interview I videotaped with Rowland that will run Sunday. But we did have a don't "Say My Name" moment. Can you guess whose name was not to be spoken?

Thanks, but no thanks

Anthony Polski was up on a ladder hanging the rainbow flag in front of his dad's Market Bar-B-Que on Nicollet Avenue last week when he attracted compliments.

"I was hit on," said Polski. He said he tried to let his young male admirer down easy, with words indicating that one can support gay pride without being gay.

Don't get spicy at Mom

The prez of 612 Brew never gets so big for his breeches that his mom can't put him in his place.

Adit Kalra and his younger brother Anuj dropped by their parents' Tandoor restaurant in Bloomington on Saturday. Adit is the partner in the 612 Brew brewery venture who has taken the title "president." (When the 612 Brew's tap room opens later this year at the corner of Central and Broadway in Northeast, items from Tandoor may be on the menu, if his mom's not still ticked off.)

The boys popped by the restaurant to visit their parents, Kul and Sarita Kalra, over the objections of Adit, who wanted to get on with their brotherly carousing. Anuj, who was visiting from Chicago, insisted that he needed to see his parents before the reveling, since he's not physically in a position to do so everyday.

Anuj was in town to see his cousins Esha and Monica Kamath perform their first rite-of-passage dances at Ragamala Dance on Sunday.

As Sarita gently attempted to get a sense of her sons' Saturday night plans, Adit was unfailingly evasive. Finally, Adit playfully responded, "Temple."

Adit's transition from elusiveness to blasphemy moved his incredibly indulgent mom to say: "Shut up!"

Kardashian a no-show?

It's my understanding that Kim Kardashian was scheduled to be at a Minneapolis law firm Monday to give her divorce deposition.

A security guard at the IDS Tower told me that Kardashian's estranged husband, Kris Humphries, had been smuggled into the building. Curiously, I've had no Twin Cities sightings of Kardashian.

I can imagine how diverting it is to hang in Birmingham, England, with her new boyfriend, Kanye West, and Blue Ivy's parents, Jay Z and Beyoncé, but isn't a deposition like a subpoena? "Now, why would she show up for her deposition?" said a smart-aleck friend of mine. "She's Kim Kardashian!"

And manufacturing drama is a Kardashian specialty.

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