Vandalism is no stranger at Army recruiting office

  • Star Tribune
  • February 21, 2008 - 11:48 PM

For the fourth time in 18 months, a south Minneapolis Army recruiting station has been vandalized.

Sometime after soldiers left Tuesday night, somebody threw two 40-pound rocks through the front door window of the office on Lyndale Avenue South.

The Army believes the vandals don't agree with America's presence in Iraq: "They're making a statement," said Ken Plant of the Army's public affairs office.

But Minneapolis police say it's just as likely the damage is general vandalism of the sort they've seen recently in the area.

Police Lt. Marie Przynski said she didn't want to dispute Plant's theory, but nothing in the investigating officer's report indicates the damage was politically motivated.

In recent weeks, burglars have used bricks or large rocks to break windows at five nearby businesses on Nicollet Avenue. In those cases, the windows were broken "with the purposes of removing items from inside," she said.

"Once the rocks were thrown through, the individuals probably realized that there wasn't a lot to steal -- unless you're really hot on recruitment posters or something," Przynski said. "

The office's copy machine, television and other items were not damaged.

Plant said past attacks on the office have included broken windows and graffiti sprayed on the building, but "we do plan to stay put."


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