Final day of draft about to start

  • Blog Post by: La Velle E. Neal III
  • June 6, 2012 - 11:08 AM

The final day of the draft is about to start.

Will update here when I can. There is no time between picks, so the selections come rapid fire style. I anticipate having to dig more for info on many of these picks because many won't be on the big board. So I expect to post picks here in clusters.

So keep checking back for updates.

Here's Baseball America's take from yesterday. The Twins did not follow this pattern. They only took one college senior all day. But they did take several players who were ranked lower on the BA board than where they were selected. It appears that teams were nervous about running out of money for the first ten rounds.

There is a bonus cap of $100,000 on any pick after the 10th round. Anything over that goes against a team's MLB-mandated cap for the first ten rounds. So say a team has a pool of $9 million for the first ten rounds and has spent $8.9 million. If they sign a 15th round pick for $100,000, it doesn't count against $9 million. If they sign that player for $250,000, that's $150,000 over the budget, and that gets applied to the budget for the first ten rounds.

It's tricky. It's strange. It's new. But that's how the league is trying to stop wild spending on the draft.

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