Travel-seminar gift update

  • Blog Post by: Jane Friedmann
  • June 1, 2012 - 4:47 PM

Several weeks ago I wrote about Robert Boyd, who attended a seminar in February given by Vacation Choices of Olympia, Wash. Here is a link to that story.

The gifts attendees were promised for listening to the sales presentation were not available at the end of the seminar, as is usually the case in those situations. Boyd was dismayed to find he would have to complete at least 13 steps and pay an unknown amount of money to claim each of the "awards:" A touchpad tablet, a "mini-laptop," and a bonus camera.

He bailed at step four, before having to pay the first $9.95.

Elizabeth Nager contacted me on Wednesday to say that she made it to step 13 and found out it would cost about $75 to obtain any of the "awards."

Whistleblower finds that the specific products are available online for a lower cost.

I gave Nager and another attendee, Ahmad Hatampour, the phone number of Scott McCarty, director of operations for Vacation Choices, who promised in an interview to procure the products himself and make sure attendees received them.

Hatampour called today to say that while the company is currently unable to locate the camera, it will be sending him the touchpad tablet.

I asked Hatampour to call me when the tablet arrives.


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