Day Late & a Dollar Short

  • Blog Post by: T.R. Michels
  • May 28, 2012 - 8:40 AM

Seems like I am often a day late (but not often a dollar short) , when it comes to birding. Every onec in a while I see a bird sighitng on the Minnesot BIrding List on the internet that I'd like to see, like the Whoopng Cranes at Randolph last year. I did not learn about them until Monday, and by then they were gon, This would hve been a lifer bird for all of my family. So, when I saw that a "Lifer" Ibis had been seen at the 180th St. pond south of Inver Grove Heights, I jumped in the car. It was clouding up pretty good that evenng,  with thunderstorms predicted, but I took a chance, and got lucky on my sceond pass through the area I found it, Even got pictures. Then when I saw that there were a number of shorebirds there last week I headed out the next morning, and sure enough - they were gone.

I just noticd that Dickcisels and Bobolinks, along with Savannah and Grasshoper Sparrows , and Northern Harrier and Gray Partridge were seen at the Randolph Industial Park south of Inver Grove on Highwy 56. I know of several spots to see Indigo Bunitngs, Red-headed Woodedpeckers, Bobolinks andother birds I have not seen yeat this year - not too far fron there -. so we are juming in the car and heading out this Sunday morning at 9:00 , Wish us luck. 

God bless,

T.R. .

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