What's Happening & New Nature Hike

  • Blog Post by: T.R. Michels
  • May 22, 2012 - 7:04 AM

I had planned to go to the MN Zoo on Monday, to photograph several animals, because they may be interested in purchasing some of my wildlife photos. But, just before I left Iwe got a call from my son Dallas, asking if I could watch Gabriel, Adel and Nellie. Of course I did what all good grand fathers do - I watched the kids, The girls played outside, and Gabriel took a nap fo the first two hours, so I only got to babysit him for an hour - but as usual - it was fun.

On Tuesday I decided to go to a new wildlie are near us here in Inver grovve Heights. I had been on the property only three times before, so I Iwas looking forward to it. Whle walking the cliff top near the Missisippi River I heard several birds; Amercian Redstart, Common Yellowthroat, WarblingVireo, Northern /Baltimore Oriole, Great crested Flycatcher, Hairy, Downy, Red-belled and Pileated Woodpeckers, Canada Geese, Wild Turkey,  Blue-gray Natcatcher, and others, plus I spooked at least two deer. I coud tell because I heard their Alarm Snorts I walked by; sh-uh shu shu shu. I do wish I had gotten a good look at them, but it was enjoyable. I look forward to doing some more nature hikes, looking and listening for birds, and looking fo wildflowers and deer.

So today I planto go to the zoo and get photos of any young animals, and hope for some interesting behavior for photos of any and all of the othert animals. I'll take along a camerw tih 600mm magnification, and my Canon Pwershot with video capability, in case I seesome adtion sequnces. I've ben luckin in the pst- to catch some interesting dominanc ebehavior among the wolves, nd other animals, If you are interested in checking out my wildlife photography, log on  to the T.R. Michel or Trinity Mountain Outdoor Photography pages at www.TRMichels,com,

Enjoy God's Great Outdoors and take along a child, family member or friend. Introduce them to nature and conservation issues,


God bless,

T.R. Michels




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