, Courtesy the Askov American

Cultural festival you may have never heard of: Askov Fair and Rutabaga Days

  • May 14, 2012 - 2:50 PM

"Velkommen Til Askov" says the sign, and this delightful little city (population 364) means it. Founded by the Danish Peoples Society in 1906, Askov -- a couple of exits north of Hinckley on I-35 -- is worth a visit at any time, but it really comes to life the fourth weekend in August, when it hosts Rutabaga Days. Browse the craft fair, dance to the polka band, sample the rutabaga brats and (if you're really adventurous) the rutabaga malts, and gorge on the homemade pies and fried fare -- all at a fraction of the cost of the slightly better-known State extravaganza down the road.

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