Highlights from Kahn, Adelman postseason news conference

  • Blog Post by: Jerry Zgoda
  • April 27, 2012 - 12:08 PM

David Kahn and Rick Adelman just met with media members at Target Center to discuss the just-completed season.
Some quick highlights:

* After contending previously that he likes this roster and it's in no need to "wholesale" changes, Kahn basically said Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio are "cornerstones" of the franchise and after that, the team will be very aggressive in making summer moves to improve the roster.

* Kahn wouldn't comment specifically on the future of any given player, saying now is not the time, but said this summer is a time for all the young players to show how serious they are about their careers, like Kevin Love did last summer.

* Kahn said he swore on his son's life that the team will not consider selling the Utah pick they'll get and was indignant wondering why I would ask such a question. For those of you wanting MarShon Brooks or perhaps a stashed European top pick with that 20th pick they sold to start a series of moves that raised a lot of cash, hmmmmm. Why the heck would I ask such a question?

He called that pick -- which we should know by the end of today whether it will be 16th, 17th or 18th -- "another arrow in the quiver" from which to either use or trade.

He said he wishes the team had its pick this year that New Orleans now owns, but "it'll be nice to have that behind us."

* Kahn said he told J.J. Barea his comments on Sunday about teammates "who just don't care" were justified but Kahn said he wished Barea had kept them within the locker room and not said it publicly.

* Kahn said he is having discussions with the team's four drafted European prospects -- Nemanja Bjelica, Henk Norel, Paulo Prestes and Tanguy Ngombo, I presume -- so that at least some of them will come to Minnesota so Adelman and his staff can see them work out.

He said one of those prospects might be able to contribute next season. I'm guessing that's Bjelica but he didn't say for sure.

That group also has suffered its share of injuries, which Adelman didn't take as a good sign.

* Kahn said he intends to spend a lot of time with Adelman when both are home in Portland, Ore., this summer.

Somebody at the news conference swore Adelman winced the moment Kahn said that.

I'll have much more in a full story for Saturday's paper that will be up on the site later this evening.


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