ADVERTISEMENT Three of 10 worst games on 2012 NFL schedule involve the Vikings

  • Blog Post by: Michael Rand
  • April 18, 2012 - 12:30 PM


Pessimism about the 2012 Vikings season seems to be coming from every corner but ours, and this look at the schedule from is no different. Writer Will Brinson picks the 10 worst games on the NFL schedule, and three of them -- 30 percent, you're welcome -- involve the purple:


Jaguars at Vikings, Week 1, September 9
Vikes-Jags already had "overdrafted second-year quarterback stinkbomb" written all over it in the first place, and even though it could turn into a sneaky shootout depending on the secondary of each squad, it's hard to imagine that Adrian Peterson will be at full form to try and face 2011 rushing leader Maurice Jones-Drew ... provided he hasn't held out for a new deal.

Buccaneers at Vikings, October 25 (Thursday)
Every single team has to get a Thursday game as I understand it, so maybe it wasn't so bad of the NFL to stick these two stinkers together for one game.

Seahawks vs. Vikings, Week 9, November 4
I'm sorry, but whenever the primary storyline that you could drum up for a game involves the words "Tarvaris Jackson Bowl," you've probably run into a relatively unexciting matchup

Brinson could be right, which brings up another question: Is this (finally) the year the Vikings streak of games not being blacked out ends? It goes back to 1997 -- roughly half the life span, so far, of the Dome.

Also, that's a shot at Christian Ponder. Anyone else (aside from Clarence) agree with it?

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