Tax Day can be deadly; so can other big days

  • Article by: The Associated Press
  • Associated Press
  • April 10, 2012 - 3:20 PM

New research shows fatal car crashes increase on the Tax Day, the deadline for filing U.S. income taxes. But that's not the only time of year that carries slightly heightened risks on American roads.

An analysis of 30 years of data found an average of 13 more deaths on Tax Day than on other days in April. Researchers think stress, distraction and reckless driving while racing to the post office might play a role.

Traffic deaths seem to increase on other big days, too, and for similar reasons. Previous research has found more than usual deaths on:

_ July 4, cited by some as the deadliest day for traffic deaths, partly because of more people on the road and alcohol use.

_ Election Day, with drivers rushing to the polls before and after work.

_ New Year's Eve/Jan. 1, a spike in alcohol-related deaths.

_ Super Bowl Sunday, also more alcohol-related deaths.

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