RandBall: Bubba Watson thinks women should be members at Augusta National

  • Blog Post by: Michael Rand
  • April 10, 2012 - 12:23 PM


Maybe it wouldn't have been the right time or place. Maybe it would have been awkward to ask Bubba Watson for his opinion on Augusta's policy of excluding women shortly after he won his first green jacket.


But it would have made for great theater -- not just because it is a dicey subject that came up again this year, but because of what Watson likely would have said based on what he has previously stated.

As noted in a few different places -- including -- there was a Golf Magazine survey that went around in 2011 asking various players different questions about the Masters.

One of the questions was "Does it bother you that the club's membership excludes women?"

Well, 90 percent of the players reportedly responded, "no." One of the anonymous answers: "It's their club. They can do as they like."

But 10 percent said it did bother them. And the example answer given was from Watson -- in fact, it was the only answer in the entire survey that had a name attached to it. The answer read: "'Yeah, I care, and you can quote me on it.' — Bubba Watson."

As notes, Bubba was never asked in his post-victory press conference. Wrong time? Wrong place? Perhaps. But it would have been awfully interesting if a Masters champ had re-iterated his stand with millions watching.

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