Amy Koch, Michael Brodkorb

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Minn. Senate sex scandal will cost taxpayers win, lose or draw

  • Article by: BRIAN BAKST
  • Associated Press
  • April 1, 2012 - 5:29 PM

ST. PAUL, Minn. - Legal costs are mounting at taxpayer expense even before former high-ranking Senate staffer Michael Brodkorb sues over his dismissal.

The Senate has hired an outside attorney to defuse fallout from Brodkorb's admitted affair with former Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch. But so far officials have refused to disclose attorney Dayle Nolan's contract or hourly rate.

Secretary of the Senate Cal Ludeman told The Associated Press he believes Nolan's contract is covered by attorney-client privilege and can remain private. He says Nolan hasn't submitted a bill yet, but he expects it will exceed a five-figure threshold that would force disclosure of invoices.

Nolan's fees are probably just the start. Brodkorb's threatened lawsuits could pull his former colleagues into court, and some of them could be entitled to state-paid legal expenses.

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