A cool Serbian restaurant in Milwaukee

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  • March 31, 2012 - 10:19 AM

MILWAUKEE -- It's a little off the road, but the perfect way to break up a drive to Chicago. The Three Brothers Bar and Restaurant is tucked on a corner of a Milwaukee residental neighborhood, not far from Lake MIchigan. It's one of those old brick taverns where the barkeep lived upstairs. There's a big onion on the turret on the corner.

For three generations now, a Serbian family has been cooking up delicious home-cooked food. I had some stuffed grape leaves and my wife went for the mousaka, which came in a huge wedge of amazingly fluffy eggplant and cheese. Washed it down with a Slovak beer and we were on our way.

The charming dining room is a mish mash of old tables under a classic Schlitz Beer lamp. A lake landscape graces the wall behind the bar. Adding the the charm: no credit cards allowed. It's all cash with hand-written checks. The little lamps on the tables add a sweet ambiance. Here's a link to the menu:


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