Excerpts from Andrew Peterson's journals

  • March 27, 2012 - 4:12 PM


Excerpts from Andrew Peterson's journals:

21 May 1850: "Almost calm wind, but the Brigg was rolling much off the waves. Less seasickness after passing Skagerack. We saw a little of Far Sund point Norway -- that was the last we got to see of our old Scandinavia." [on the journey from Sweden]

18 June 1855: "Bought the claim from Germans for 25 Dollar. Payed Fisser's son 5 Dollars for his help. Per Daniel went to St Paul." [talking about the farm near Waconia]

May 4, 1885: "This afternoon Charles Norman and Widmark, a photographer, came to take pictures of my buildings so we were hindered in our work the rest of the day." [See photo on page AA1.]


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