Anoka-Hennepin timeline

  • March 5, 2012 - 10:56 PM


1995: School district adopts a health curriculum policy saying that "homosexuality will not be discussed as a normal or valid lifestyle.''

2009: Policy is replaced with one that says "staff in the course of their professional duties shall remain neutral on matters regarding sexual orientation.'' This Sexual Orientation Curriculum Policy is colloquially called the "neutrality policy."

Late 2009-10: Several student suicides jar the district. Some of the dead students are identified by family members and friends as gay and some had been bullied.

September 2010: Advocates for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students press district to do more to protect GLBT students from bullying and harassment.

November 2010: U.S. departments of Justice and Education launch civil rights investigation of the district after receiving a complaint that students have been bullied and harassed on the basis of sexual orientation.

July-August 2011: Six current and former students sue the district, alleging it did not respond adequately to their complaints of persistent and severe bullying and harassment based on real or perceived sexual orientation.

February 2012: District replaces "neutrality policy" and one on religion with a broader Respectful Learning Environment Curriculum Policy.

March 2012: School board approves a settlement of the lawsuit filed by current and former students.

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