C.J.: Thinking Christian thoughts: Go ahead, take (polar) plunge

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  • March 5, 2012 - 7:56 PM

Christian Ponder told me that his choice of Polar Bear Plunge attire was governed by this philosophy: the fewer items of clothing the better.

The Vikings QB wore shorts, a long-sleeve T, sneakers and no socks Saturday for his frigid dip at Special Olympics Minnesota's Lake Calhoun event. Given the least-clothing stratagem, soMEone suggested the QB might want to take off his shirt before he hit the lake.

"Yeah, right," Ponder said, rubbing his hands together for warmth and tossing his head back, laughing.

Didn't you say "the fewer clothes ...?" I doublechecked.

"Ahh, yes, but -- no!" Ponder said, shaking his finger at me.

Ponder was also ready for FOX 9 chief meteorologist Ian Leonard, the event emcee dressed like a "hairy green guy," to use the words Leonard employed in describing his costume, complete with a staff, a garbage can shield, shamrocks and cape.

"You know that 'Seinfeld' episode?" asked Leonard.

"Shrinkage?" replied Ponder.

"Yeah, that's the one," Leonard said.

It's all on my, which is mighty entertaining, if I do say so myself. There's a clip of Ponder's Purple Pride bubbling forth as he feigned disgust at the "terrible, terrible" sight of a Cheesehead. Vikings stadium point guy Lester Bagley, who introduced his sons Michael and Charles to Ponder, couldn't resist playfully toying with the shark fin sticking out of the back of the T-shirt worn by Vikings community relations guy Brad Madson.

Handsome as Ponder is, there's something twice as pulchritudinous about his demeanor. He was effortlessly gracious to everyone who approached him, including a woman who asked Ponder to kiss a photo of her mom and the guy who tried to get the QB's autograph on a football as he sat in the hot tub after getting out of the freezing water. Although Ponder was willing, that guy wasn't able to get an autograph, because it was so cold his Sharpie had frozen.

A 'changed man'

@BrettFavre4, "Father, Husband, Retired NFL Quarterback," has "finally found time to join"

And the nasty @NotBillWalton was among the first to acknowledge the former QB in the most unwelcoming way: "Brett Favre has joined Twitter. Ladies, be careful when you open your DMs. You might get an unwelcome surprise."

I tweeted @NotBillWalton that I expect no more untoward behavior from Favre given the words by which he describes himself in his Twitter profile -- 4 he's a changed man. I also noted that the real HOFer Bill Walton cannot be amused with @NotBillWalton, whose account photo is a photo of the famous retired NBAer. That promoted a hostile verbal attack from NotBill, which makes me think that Twitter should require anonymous account holders to upload verified photos.

Get on that, Twitexecs.

On-board star sightings

Word from an e-mailer is that "Parenthood" co-stars Peter Krause and Lauren Graham were sitting together in first-class aboard a Delta flight bound for California on Monday.

They play siblings on the NBC TV show, and, yes, Graham does recognize the ick factor that likely exists for those fans who can't separate acting from real life.

"Love those two on 'Parenthood.' Huge Graham fan from 'Gilmore Girls,'' wrote my tipster, A.B.

With Krause being from Minnesota, "Maybe it's 'Meet the Parents' time?" A.B. speculated. I reported a January 2011 sighting of them in the Twin Cities, too, so that parent meeting probably occurred previously.

Doggone it, Harvard likes him ...

Sen. Al Franken is the cover boy of the March-April issue of Harvard magazine.

"You Can Call Me Senator," reads the headline on Jesse Kornbluth's story that also states, "The satirist and comedian has a new role: statesman."

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