Shooting coyotes from the air and snowmobile?

  • Blog Post by: Doug Smith
  • February 24, 2012 - 4:17 PM
 My colleague, political reporter Baird Helgeson, has posted an interesting outdoors story on his Hot Dish blog elsewhere on the Star Tribune website.
A bill at the Legislature would allow Minnesotans to hunt coyotes from aircraft and snowmobiles.
“The coyote population seems to be exploding,” said state Rep. Torrey Westrom, a sponsor of the bill. “This would be just one more way to continue the intrigue and enjoyment many people get out of hunting as well as a creative way to help control the coyote population.”
The proposal would require the state to grant hunters free aerial coyote hunting permits. It also allows hunters to shoot a coyote from a stationary snowmobile. But DNR officials, and others, say the idea is fraught with dangers. Check out Helgeson's story here:

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