Pro photo ID group changes web images

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  • February 21, 2012 - 11:37 AM

A day after opponents accused a website of using racial caricatures to promote a photo ID requirement for voters, the images have been changed.

The site,, which is maintained by the pro-ID group Minnesota Majority, had been criticized for using images of an African-American man in prison stripes and a character in mariachi garb waiting outside a polling place. The group said the images represented the problems of voting by felons and illegal immigrants.

After criticism from an African-American legislator and the anti-ID group TakeAction Minnesota, the prison-garb image now appears to be caucasian, and the immigrant image is now a woman with a Canadian maple leaf t-shirt. "Politically Correct Version for the Hypersensitive," reads the headline on the website.

Click here to see the new image. 


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