Verrrry Pinteresting

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  • February 6, 2012 - 1:40 PM


Sorry! I should have had this blog post up awhile ago, but there are so many distractions these days. Deadlines, Pinterest, answering emails, Pinterest, returning a reader's phone call, Pinterest, writing cutlines, Pinterest.


If you don't know what Pinterest is, then you were someone like me up until about 10 days ago when my college-age daughter texted me saying that I needed to get a Pinterest account.

Huh? I had never heard of this thing, so she sent me a link to peruse, which looked for all the world like a particular well-organized bulletin board to which people had "pinned" things they like. The first thing I see is a kitchen "chandelier" made of big wire whisks. Cool. Then a recipe for roasted cauliflower. Hey, I've been on a roasted cauliflower binge this winter (I know, I know - hold me back) so this post felt familiar and, well, supportive.

I was hooked. Me and a rapidly swelling group of millions.

According to a report on CNN, Pinterest is the breakout social network of 2012 that took everyone by surprise. It was launched two years ago using a nontraditional strategy: Instead of wooing technies to create buzz, it went straight to the cooks, crafters, fashionistas, readers -- in words, users -- and let them start pinning all the things they like to this virtual bulletin board.

Did it work? Consider: In the final four months of 2011, unique visitors to the site grew by 400 percent. One big reason is the highly visual nature of the site. Call up the home page at and check out the crazy quilt of images. If you're intrigued, you click on "request an invite," which is all marketing. No one is denied.

What I've found fascinating is who has since signed on to "follow" me on Pinterest  - women AND men of all ages. My first impression of this as a crafters' site quickly was disabused. My daughter says the site is huge on campuses.

I'm just getting started; my boards are few and links scarce. But I already know what I'm liking about this. For starters, it's all about "like," instead of the "what's hot, what's not." There's no bashing of weird crafts or bad fashion. You don't like it? Move on.Think positive. Post positive.

I'm not really on it as much as I may have indicated in the first paragraph here. (My boss reads this, too, you know.) But it's a nice way of winding down at the end of the day, or giving a little love to things or places or recipes or whatever that deserve some attention.

I mean, look at the photo posted here of tiny cheesecake-stuffed strawberries. Crazy? Maybe, but so cuuute!

Some friends say that Pinterest could replace their Facebook fascination, mostly because it's not about people, but what people like --which is FAR more fascinating, right? And trolling the boards gives you a sense of accomplishing something, however virtual, because you're getting concrete ideas that just might improve your live, even a little.

In any case, "pin" now has entered the language as a positive verb.




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