The Entrepreneurial Spirit and the Will to Serve

  • Blog Post by: Ernest Comer III
  • February 6, 2012 - 10:27 AM

When it comes to community service the state of Minnesota is well known for its volunteerism. The Minnesota Council of Non Profits boasts a massive list of organizations most with their own massive lists of staff and volunteers dedicated to providing service especially to vulnerable communities. Unsung heroes and heroines are understood to be those who take time out of their fully packed schedules to commit to service projects that aren’t associated with any 501c3 designated organization fully incorporated and recognized by government and we even take time out to recognize their place in the realm of community service.

Let’s take a moment to consider the for-profit business owner, the entrepreneur, and their place in community service. For approximately a decade Galie Jaddunath, CEO at Galies Professional Services has not allowed her entrepreneurial ambition to derail her commitment to service. Galie regularly distributes meals to the homeless with help from friends like Gabrielle Roberts of ATG Entertainment, Keeya Allen the owner of Premium Diva & Co., Lisa Moy an 89.9 KMOJ radio personality and Leekplay Paye of the Minnesota Valkyrie Lingerie Football League Team. Galie as well as these friends agreed to answer a few questions about their work in the community and it’s clear from their responses that they are no stranger to giving back!

The entrepreneurs who prioritize community service expemplify the reality that a passion for excersizing talent in business management and innovation does not nullify the necessity of engaging and providing service to communities. Direct service opportunities are not reserved by nonprofit staff and registered volunteers only. Small business owners especially should recognize that making time to support the community that supports the business is not only important but also a wise investment.

More info about Galie’s Professional Services:



Galie's Professional Services, Inc, was created with the vision to make the lives of our CEOs, Athletes and Entertainers lives easier while dealing with their professional lives. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible services. We do business Nationwide!!!


Questions for Galie:
How long have you been coordinating community service projects?

I've starting out coordinating community since about 2002 while working at KMOJ Radio 89.9FM.

What made you interested in serving the homeless specifically?

I do it because I feel like these folks truly are in need and really do appreciate my efforts.

Is it difficult to get people to help out with your service events?

You know, it hasn't been too difficult to get help. I'm impressed that we get more male volunteers than females. The African American men in our community have definitely stepped up and doing their part.

When you're serving the homeless community how do you get the word out to get the community to show up where you are?

I use Facebook a lot as well as text blasting all of my friends.

The State of Minnesota has been called the land of 10,000 Homeless. How can others help in resolving the issue of homelessness?

That's a huge issue but folk can start out small with dinners, clothes, offer jobs, etc. They can also join us by emailing

As an entrepreneur how do you find the time to dedicate to community service?

We make time for anything that's important to us every day and this is very important to me :)

How has homelessness affected you & your family or community?

It hasn't affected myself or family personally but it breaks my heart to see anyone struggle. I love helping when I can and I'm here doing what needs to be done.


Questions for Volunteers:

What made you want to help out with the community service efforts of Galie's Professional Services?

Gabrielle: I feel like the community is often overlooked and there are not enough positive things done for the community, especially for the homeless and the youth.  I went to sleep at night knowing that I helped feed over 200 homeless people that did not know where their next meal would come from. That, in itself brought warmth to my heart.

Keeya: What made me volunteer with Galie are two things; One, I believe in community and giving back by serving GOD in assisting others. Two, I've known Galie for about 10 years. I remember when she started Galie's Professional Services. She does good business with a great reputation. Anytime I can assist friends, particularly ones with great cause, I'm there.

Lisa: Giving back I feel is a personal duty that we all need to fulfill! The reason why I chose to volunteer with Galie Professional Services is because I know the owner personally and I know that her heart is always in the right place! I see the passion that she has for giving back! She's very humble and I know all her donations go exactly where she says they’re gonna go! Her selfless acts are something that I look for when I involve myself in organizations! She genuinely cares about people and people like that and organizations like hers will always have my support!

Leekplay: Galie's efforts has influenced me to help out the community more because she is so driven and motivated to make a difference in peoples lives. She has been an inspiration to so many people. The more I can do to help contribute to what she does is a reward in itself for me.


Are there other  community service opportunities that you volunteer with regularly?

Gabrielle: Yes, I volunteer with A.C.E.S (athletes committed to educating students) weekly, we work with students to help close the achievement gap.  I also volunteer with VTAP to prepare taxes for people in the community.

Keeya: I'm currently a DIVA Consultant for an organization called Project DIVA that is based in Minneapolis. My position consists of mentoring young women, and pouring into their lives. I also give time through serving in my church and community regularly.

Lisa: I have volunteered in the past with various organizations! I'm currently volunteering my time with a hand full of young Women as a Mentor!

Leekplay: I volunteer at the Junior High School I work at with the community service projects we have.


How do you find the time to dedicate to community service?

Gabrielle: I make sure to fit it in my schedule some way.  I can give two hours of my time once a week to help someone else.

Keeya: Serving and volunteering comes second nature. We do what we choose. Depends on how important helping change lives matters to you.

Lisa: I make it a priority and anything you make priority you have time for! When my schedule is hectic, ‘cause that does happen I still try to reach out as much as possible, whether that's helping to spread the word out by using social networks or mentioning it on air!

Leekplay: I make time. With two jobs and other activities I have going on if I can’t contribute the time I will try to do other things that will help. I believe anything I can do to help will count.


How has homelessness affected you & your family or community?

Gabrielle: Homelessness has not affected me or my family directly, but I see it daily in my community.  It's sad to see people that have no home, no money, etc.  The community battles with it daily, keeping homeless people off of the street, providing them shelter, food, etc.

Keeya: I've had family members who've been homeless before. Being from a working, middle class family in North Minneapolis, you see it. In reality, most of the country is a few paychecks away from homelessness. Sometimes it's due to choice, but mostly it's due to circumstances. Loss of job, kids, spouse, etc. You must encourage through words, actions, love and lots of prayer.

Lisa: Homelessness is a major community issue! Not only within my community but in this country! I find it disheartening that there are human beings out there with no home, no food and limited resources for both! Living in a cold weather state it definitely bothers me to know that there are people who have nowhere to go in harsh weather conditions! It's absolutely devastating and that's why I choose to work with organizations like Galie's Professional Services! I know that any time that I can offer or food items that I can donate makes a huge difference in a homeless person's life!

Leekplay: I came to America as a refugee in 1991. My family and I started from scratch in Minnesota. With the help of loving and caring people in the community we were able to get on our feet. People like Galie and her services make a difference in lives.

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