Minneapolis looking for its next "community reads" title

  • Blog Post by: Laurie Hertzel
  • February 1, 2012 - 12:51 PM


 The first Minneapolis-wide community reads was a great choice--Minneapolis native Michele Norris's memoir, "The Grace of Silence." Norris, a commentator for NPR, came to town to lead several discussions--at the Guthrie, and elsewhere--and conversations large and small have taken place all over the city, on the Web, and on Facebook. (Which is, of course, also on the Web.)

It's not over yet, but already the "One Minneapolis One Read" committee is gearing up to pick the next title.

They're looking for a fairly new book--published in the last five years--with a Minnesota author or an author with ties to Minnesota. (Bonus points if the ties are with Minneapolis.)

They are also looking for books that:

 • speak to issues of diversity and inclusion
• have a Minnesota (ideally Minneapolis) connection
• have an engaging available author
• were written in the last five years
• are under 300 pages
• are available in paperback

Thoughts?  What comes to mind?  Let's throw some ideas out and see what sticks. 


Louise Erdrich

Louise Erdrich

Charles Baxter's story collection, "Gryphon"? Some of the stories are set in Minneapolis, and Baxter is certainly engaging and available.  Louise Erdrich's "Shadow Tag"? Or "Plague of Doves," her Pulitzer finalist?  John Reimringer's "Vestments" meets most of those criteria, and was a Minnesota Book Award winner, too, but it's set in St. Paul; should that be a deal-breaker?


 What else? What are we missing? Leave your suggestions here as comments or send me a message and I'll make sure the committee sees your ideas.

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