Wednesday (Random Minnesota coach quote generator) edition: Wha' Happened?

  • Blog Post by: Michael Rand
  • December 7, 2011 - 8:39 AM

Confession time: On Saturday morning, not once but twice, we watched the full 5-plus minute Tim Brewster motivational video. We just can't let it go.

But if there is any upside to our blatant waste of weekend time or our crippling inability to let go of a forgettable era, it is this: It has spawned the idea for a "Random Minnesota coach quote generator." You've almost certainly seen one of these before for other things -- hey look, there's one for Charlie Sheen.

How great would it be, though, to have a single-serving web site that acted like a Minnesota coach-fueled Magic 8-ball of sorts? Think of all the great things that could be contributed, and how the random bits of knowledge could enhance your life -- either pick you up during a tough day or give you some sage advice during a time of trouble. A few examples ...

Brewster: "Get your chili hot." ... "If you want to get some, you'd better bring some." ... "Are you hungry, or are you starving?"

Brad Childress: "It's a kick-[redacted] offense." ... "Programmatic non-fit."

Mike Tice: "Chicago is a tough-guy town." ... "Enjoy the season."

Ron Gardenhire: "We battled our tails off."

We don't want to hog them all. Please feel free to let your memory fill up the comments with other memorable lines from Minnesota coaching history. With your help, and perhaps some basic knowledge of how to actually make such a web site, all our dreams could come true.

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