Adelman's player personnel voice? His son R.J.

  • Blog Post by: Jerry Zgoda
  • October 28, 2011 - 12:42 PM

A little something while we wait today to see whether the owners and players really can finally pull off a new labor deal...

I'm hearing Adelman's son R.J. is not going to be an assistant coach, but rather a player personnel guy who will bring a lot of the same statistical analysis -- the same kind of stuff featured in the new film Moneyball (but without Brad Pitt) --  to the process that the Rockets use under their GM, Daryl Morey.

So rejoice, you basketball geeks who clamored for the Wolves to hire Rockets VP of basketball ops Sam Hinkie from Morey's staff instead of David Kahn two-plus years ago!

I was told yesterday that the Wolves might not hire anyone to replace departed Tony Ronzone.

I guess now that's because they've already in essence hired him, even though none of those assistant coach hires or RJ's hire will be announced and official until it's clear this lockout is ending.

The Rockets in recent years have been able to pluck Aaron Brooks, Carl Landry and Chase Budinger from the depths of the draft and trade for Kevin Martin and Luis Scola using both traditional and analytical scouting.

They also, coincidentally, acquired the draft rights to European prospect Donatas Montiejunas from the Wolves with the 20th pick in last summer's draft.

That's when the Wolves started wheeling and dealing down with move after move to raise cash, at least $4 million -- funny the same amount they owed Kurt Rambis if they were going to fire him (which they did, of course) -- even if David Kahn swore it didn't have anything to do with the money. Rather, he said, it was because the talent-loaded Wolves didn't have room to add anymore young players to the roster.

If that was the case, then why not draft and keep Montiejunas and select European prospect Nikola Mirotic with the intent of keeping that player in Europe for a couple years and then have the option of signing him or trading him?

Anyway, for those of you were skeptical that Rick Adelman would ever take this job and wondered on the blog what role he'd have in player personnel decisions if he really did...well, here's your answer.


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