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  • October 26, 2011 - 11:08 AM


Every year at this time my counters are overrun with not-yet-ripe tomatoes. It's a mixed blessing of garden bounty and culinary obligation, as I feel compelled to turn the tomatoes I've carefully tended into something other than compost. But with nearly every square inch of my limited counter space covered with tomatoes when frost threatens, there's been little maneuvering room left for cooking my way through them as they ripen.


So this year I was inspired to take decorating with green tomatoes beyond the usual centerpiece bowl on the table. If vertical gardening is good for the back yard, I figured vertical storage could save me precious counter space, right? Out came the stackable cake pedestals on the dining room buffet, saving me at least two plates' worth on the counter. Encouraged by that bit of storage success, I plopped still more smaller green tomatoes in three matching bowls to form part of a fall-toned mantel arrangement. (I used glass partly for effect, and partly so I could more readily check on ripening progress, since the ones on the bottom ripen first.)

I briefly considered and then abandoned further tomato decorating forays. Even though they'd match the green bathroom, well, sometimes enough is enough. And I suspect that my husband's response, when prompted to actually notice what I'd become convinced were enchanting and ingenious decorating solutions, didn't seem to indicate he was succumbing to raptures. Ah, reality checks.

I'm thinking the excess squash can just hang out in the basement until it's time to become supper.

What storage dilemmas have you decorated your way out of?





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