Tara Reid: Good reason not to be in 'American Wedding'

  • Blog Post by: Vince Tuss
  • October 25, 2011 - 3:49 PM

Tara Reid slipped back into media attention with a short video that delivered a surprise: Her August wedding wasn't legal. Really? "No, never legal," Reid said on this 30-second snippet up on And here is E Online's write-up.

It looks like a sleepy Reid was caught in the airport. Maybe she just cut the chase, since the cameraman seemed to making not-so-small chat, talking about her short engagement and throwing her into a make-believe version of "The Newlywed Game." But still, about a forthright as an answer that you see in the press. Which kind of takes the wind out of the sails.

Reid is on Twitter, where she was praising a video shoot Monday, but probably not this one.


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