Carp Herpes?

  • Blog Post by: Mitch Petrie
  • October 25, 2011 - 11:10 AM

I remember a childhood joke about a disease that infects only's call chirpies; and  it's untweetable. (Sorry, I couldn't resist!) Now, tests are underway in Australia to use test the effectiveness of the herpes virus on killing the common carp. Apparently the virus infects the gills and quickly moves to other organs. In Australia they expect to kill 80-90% of the common carp.

I wonder what our lakes would like like if we rid them of what is probably the most prolific invasive species in the state. Apparently the virus was discovered in Isreal in 1998 and has spread around the world.

I'm not qualified to give an opinion but would be interested in hearing from our fisheries management teams if this is something they would consider to manage our common carp population. Could it help manage asian carp as well?

Here's a link to the original article I found with details on the carp herpes study.

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