Outside consultant: How to get a new product into the public eye

  • October 23, 2011 - 5:57 PM


How can I get my new product invention, Origami Bonsai Instant Flowers into the public eye for the first time?



Getting the public to pay attention to a new product is hard, especially if the product concept is new. The first and most critical step in successfully introducing a new product is to accept that you can't interest everyone (really, you can't). Next you need to do your homework to identify the group of people who are most likely to be interested in what you're offering -- your target market.

You can break the overall market for your type of product into segments based on what people want in the product, how they're getting those wants satisfied now, and where the current offerings fall short. When you identify the segment whose unmet needs most align with what you want to offer, you have to learn who those consumers are, what they'll value (and won't value) in your product, and where they'll most likely to shop for it and learn about it.

Use the information you collect to drive your new product introduction. Choose marketing actions that help members of your target market understand exactly how your product better satisfies their needs. You need happy users of your product who will spread their positive experiences with others either directly or through testimonials, videos, blogs that you facilitate. Early in your product's life, look for ways to maximize your target market's experiences with your products rather than sales. Staying focused ensures you spend your time and resources most efficiently and are most likely to catch the eye of people who will actually buy your product.

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