Mileage recheck pays dividends

  • Blog Post by: $author
  • October 10, 2011 - 5:56 PM
Sometimes a little press scrutiny can pay dividends.
Council Member Elizabeth Glidden found that out recently when the Star Tribune checked how many on the council have claimed mileage since the council abolished its $400 per month car allowance.
The city clerk’s office gave the paper a figure of $640.95 for Glidden though July. Since she’s the council’s liaison to the Legislature, it wasn’t surprising that all those trips to St, Paul drove up her mileage. The Star Tribune ran the figure by Glidden but when it appeared in print, it appeared suspiciously high to her.
Upon further review, it was discovered that the actual figure was $183.60. According to the clerk’s office, some of her non-mileage expenses got coded as mileage, and some expenses from another ward were mistakenly charged against Glidden’s mileage account. The change drops Glidden to third place for council mileage behind Barbara Johnson and Betsy Hodges. Unlike some peers, she didn;t collect the allowance, either.

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