Quote: Past U President on Prof. Judith Martin

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  • October 5, 2011 - 10:24 AM

University of Minnesota Prof. Judith Martin, who died Monday, is being remembered on campus, in City Hall and on Twitter.

via University of Minnesota

via University of Minnesota

In a post on the Department of Geography's website, College of Liberal Arts Dean James Parente called Martin "an exemplary University citizen, one who senior administrators knew they could depend upon for thoughtful leadership and counsel." 

Parente then quoted former U President Robert Bruininks. He said this:

"I received the news of Judith's passing with deep sadness. She was a dear friend of ours, and frequent confidante and advisor whose leadership, thoughtfulness, and broad perspective on issues impacting the University were invaluable to me over the past many years. We enjoyed so many walks along the Mississippi River together and had looked forward to many more. Susan and I will miss Judith terribly."

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