Have White House party crashers crashed and burned?

  • Blog Post by: Vince Tuss
  • September 15, 2011 - 4:36 PM



Credit dogged with flushing out the true nature of Michaele Salahi's disappearance Tuesday. When the noted White House state dinner crasher and "Real Housewives of D.C." star disappeared, her husband, Tareq, feared kidnapping. But no, TMZ found, Michaele had run off to join Journey guitarist Neal Schon in Nashville -- and didn't want to be found.

A day later, TMZ has another thought: "The Salahi Situation: Tragic Break-Up ... Or Ultimate Publicity Stunt?" The viewpoint that matters is Warren County Sheriff Daniel T. McEathron, whom the devastated Tareq called for help. The sheriff believes his report was genuine, the Associated Press says, but:

"We believe the Mr. Salahi did not know where his wife was. We know that she was not home, and we know that she was where she wanted to be. As of right now we don't think it's any different than the way it came in. If we know that this may have been some type of ... false complaint, I assure you that we would look into it a whole lot closer in a different direction because a lot of man hours were spent yesterday to work on this."





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