Souhan on Sports blog: Another view of Adelman

  • Blog Post by: Jim Souhan
  • September 13, 2011 - 12:39 PM

Covering a coaching search is one of the greatest challenges in my business, especially in an era when so many web sites have hired so many well-sourced reporters.

Congratulations to our Jerry Zgoda for staying right on top of this process throughout, even while covering an uncommunicative general manager and an organization in which it's always hard to tell who has good information and who's on the outs with the owner or GM.

In my column today, 

I praise the Wolves for hiring the best coach on the market, Rick Adelman. I think Adelman will turn the Wolves into a professional organization with a chance to win in the future. I gave a nod to GM David Kahn for playing whatever role he played in luring Adelman. But I'm always hesitant to give David too much credit, but I think he lacks credibility and basketball knowledge. I've always believed he's making it up on the fly.

While I usually don't link to other organizations, Yahoo! basketball writer Adrian Wojnarowski is the best basketball writer and reporter in the business. He has impeccable and diverse sources throughout the game and a relationship with Adelman. So I recommend reading him here:     

I concur, and I believe Wojnarowski has this nailed. Now what's going to be interesting to see is whether Adelman, now the most important and powerful member of the organization other than Glen Taylor, will coexist with Kahn, or allow him to stick around.

As an NBA fan who wants to spend more of his nights each winter at Target Center, I'm thrilled by the Adelman hiring. As someone who writes about drama in the guise of sports, I'm fascinated by the possibilities of the Kahn-Adelman relationship.


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