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  • Blog Post by: Jim Souhan
  • July 29, 2011 - 10:06 AM

Rapid-fire reactions to some of hte biggest stories in local sports:

-I'm not thrilled by the arrival of Donovan McNabb; neither am I disgusted or concerned. Look at McNabb's track record, and talk to NFL people about his legendary off-season workouts, and I have to believe he'll bounce back to being a pretty good quarterback this year, if healthy.

He's talented, experienced and motivated to prove that last year was a fluke. For what the Vikings need, and what they gave up for him, his acquisition makes sense. Christian Ponder shouldn't be thrown into the starting job under these circumstances.

-The departure of Sidney Rice hurts the Vikings' chances of winning this year, but, when it comes to long-term contracts, I always say that the key factor is trust, not talent.

Do you trust Sidney Rice to stay healthy. to play with pain, to be productive year-in and year-out? He's capable of doing so. I just don't trust him to do so. So while his departure has to sting the Vikings, they may benefit, long-term, by not being stuck with him making huge money.

-I would not trade Denard Span to the Nationals for a relief pitcher. Now, I defended the Twins' trade of Wilson Ramos for Matt Capps last year because of unique circumstances. The Twins looked like they were one bullpen arm away from winning the division and perhaps making a playoff run. Ramos was blocked by Mauer, who had yet to be stricken by bi-lateral-post-concussion-schizophrenia-disorder. Some Twins officials were not nearly as high on Ramos as people who don't watch him play every day.

It was the wrong kind of deal - an every day player at a key position for a reliever - but I understood it.

This one, I would not understand, unless the Twins are getting more than a reliever out of the deal.

What makes Span intriguing to the Nationals - that he's a high-on-base leadoff hitter who is also a pretty good centerfielder and a reliable human - is exactly what should make the Twins intent on keeping him. Span is signed to a reasonable contract through 2015.

With the Twins seven games under .500, in fourth place and six games out of first on July  29, I'd like to see them trade their veterans and re-stock for next season. But Span shouldn't be on the way out; he should be one of the few players the Twins are counting on for next season.

-David Kahn has interviewed a fascinating array of coaching candidates. My quick take:

-Rick Adelman would be a slam-dunk winner. If Kahn can land him, he should, regardless of price.

-Don Nelson would fit Kahn's running philosophy and make the Wolves much better and much more entertaining immediately. I don't think he'd last long, but he'd give people reason to buy tickets next year.

-Larry Brown is old, stuck in his ways, hard on young point guards and expensive. He's a great coach but he's the guy you bring in to win a championship, not to rebuild.

-Mike Woodson would dramatically improve the Wolves' defense. I'd rank him as the second-best long-term candidate behind Adelman.

-Bernie Bickerstaff. I'm not knocking the man as a coach. He's very accomplished. I just hate the idea of hiring someone so he can groom his son. Kahn may not even be around long enough to see J.B. Bickerstaff replace him.

This would be a move that Glen Taylor should block.

-Tim Brewster saying this Gophers team has lots of talent is another way of him telling us how fraudulent and painfully shallow he is. He left Jerry Kill with one outstanding athlete, Marqueis Gray. Otherwise, the cupboard is bare.

It's one thing to be a ridiculous shill, it's another to be a ridiculous shill who continues to lie to the Minnesota sports fan after someone was stupid enough to hire him for a media job.

Shut up, Timmy.

-Upcoming: I'll be running Sunday Morning Sports Talk with Tom Pelissero from Boomtown in Mankato on Sunday from 10-noon, following the Ron Gardenhire Show from 9-9:30. My twitter handle is @Souhanstrib.

Also, I got to spend some time with Leslie Frazier in his hometown of Columbus, Ms., and my story on Frazier's life will be in the Sunday Star Tribune.


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