Phone books arrive, against her wishes

  • Blog Post by: James Eli Shiffer
  • July 18, 2011 - 10:58 AM

Whistleblower has previously described the frustration of finding phone books you don’t want on your doorstep. Janine Keller of Hopkins has tried, and failed, to stop what she sees as a waste of resources:

“Once I was home when the books were being delivered, and told the delivery person I had opted out and didn’t want it. He defiantly plunked down the book and stated, ‘Too bad, you’re getting one.’”

“I have since gone online and repeated the opt out for various phone book providers to no avail. The latest episode was last week when my neighbors received the latest version of the yellow pages. I didn’t get one. I got TWO.”

Does anyone have any tips on stopping the phone books?

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