Mid-day talker: Can you sympathize with Peyton Manning's lockout injury situation?

  • Blog Post by: Michael Rand
  • July 8, 2011 - 12:11 PM


Manning conceded that the neck surgery he had May 23 to correct a bulging disk and the NFL lockout rules have put him in a "cautious" mode on being physically active.

"The lockout didn't allow me to work my (Colts) therapist, Erin Barill, and I'm just not comfortable taking any chances with this thing," Manning said. "Erin knows me. He's rehabbed me through two other surgeries (neck and knee) and I think most people understand that once you build up a trust with your therapist, that's the guy you want and need to work with."

Manning said he had "no idea" when he will be able to participate in training camp until he gets an assessment from Barill. He has been rehabbing with other therapists.

While NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has stated he still expects to discipline players who violate the league's personal conduct policy during the lockout, the league has cut off health-care benefits and imposed strict limits on communication between clubs and injured players.

Team medical personnel are allowed to communicate with outside doctors and therapists, but are not allowed to interact with players, let alone participate in the rehab process.

What do you say? Is Manning milking this thing for sympathy (and to score a point for the players in the lockout) or is this something you would be legitimately complaining about if you were him?

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