With temperatures edging over 100 degrees in the Twin Cities Tuesday afternoon, Minneahaha Park in Minneapolis was relatively free of crowds, giving those who wanted to cool off in Minnehaha Creek plenty of space. IN THIS PHOTO: Dave LeCompte of Minneapolis floated down Minnehaha Creek in an inflatable raft along with a couple of buddies (not seen in this photo) Tuesday afternoon. They had planned to go all the way to the Mississippi River, but stopped after few hundred yards because of the volume of water. He lives near the creek and has always thought it would be fun to float in it for a while.

Jeff Wheeler, DML - Star Tribune

Letter of the day (June 9): Diversity

  • June 8, 2011 - 8:31 PM

The lowest temperature this year was minus 22 in January, while on Tuesday, the high was 103 -- a range of 125 degrees. We Minnesotans take that incredible diversity in stride like few other places in the world.

Can't the state that tolerates these temperature differences also embrace a wide range of marriage types? Passing a constitutional amendment to restrict marriage to heterosexual unions would be like passing an amendment restricting the weather to 68 degrees and sunny.

Both amendments would be futile and would undermine what makes Minnesota one of the most special places on Earth: our diversity in all things.


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