1920s: Girls' rifle team was bobbed and dangerous

  • Blog Post by: Ben Welter
  • December 4, 2017 - 2:11 PM
The young ladies below were members of the Minneapolis Park Board girls’ rifle team. Little is known about the squad beyond what can be deduced from this Minneapolis Journal photo from about 1920. The girls met for training and perhaps competitions at the Armory southwest of the Basilica of St. Mary, which is visible in the distance. Crisp uniforms, matching socks and nicely bobbed hair were required. Gun safety training? This trio must have skipped that day, judging from the careless way they pointed their rifles.
Kenwood Armory

The Minneapolis Armory, built in a marshy area near Kenwood Parkway in 1906, was already showing cracks when this photo was taken. By 1929 the massive structure had settled so much in the soft ground that it had to be condemned. It was torn down in 1933. (Minneapolis Journal photo courtesy

Kenwood Armory

The Armory in 1907, the year it opened. (Photo courtesy

1909 auto show

The 1909 Minneapolis auto show, the city's second, drew about 45,000 car enthusiasts to the Armory. (Photo courtesy

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