Cuddyer, Blyleven react to news about Killebrew

  • Article by: JOE CHRISTENSEN
  • Star Tribune
  • May 14, 2011 - 7:53 AM

Twins right fielder Michael Cuddyer:

“I didn’t know him as a baseball player, obviously I saw him on Home Run Derby reruns, what I’ve known him as is a human being, who’s as genuine as anyone ever met.”

“He’s probably top three people I’ve ever met in my life. Definitely three most influential, next to my parents.

“It’s tough but I know he’s suffering, when that time comes he’s going to be in a better place. He’s going to be held in just as high of regard, in next life as he is right now.”

Cuddyer also said the Twins have a 1961 No. 3 jersey hanging in the dugout on Friday night and plan to take it with them "everywhere they go."

Twins Hall of Fame pitcher and broadcaster Bert Blyleven: 

“I’d talked to Harmon just a couple days ago [by phone] and he said he was admitting himself to the hospital, and now you wake up this morning and see he’s admitted himself to the hospice,

“We’lll have to wait and see. Harmon’s a fighter. His spirits have been up, and we’ll have to wait and see.”

“Hopefully people will remember Harmon, when that time does come, as a guy that gave so much back to the game of baseball. He gave so much to the community. just a class man. The type of individual I think every player today wants to be like and every player when Harmon played wanted to be like Harmon Killebrew.

On the past two months: “His spirits have been up. He knew that he thought he was going to beat this thing, and now it’s come to the point we’re at now.

On Killebrew's legacy: “This organization was built around Harmon Killebrew, going back to 1961, a guy that had class.


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