Respects paid, Kill prepares for spring drills

  • Blog Post by: Phil Miller
  • March 22, 2011 - 6:59 PM

     It was a little odd to hear the Minnesota Rouser sung in a church, but it felt appropriate Monday at the end of Murray Warmath's funeral in Edina. There were more than a few faded maroon and gold sweaters in the crowd, and you could tell by the size of some of the mourners that they had played football.
     Jerry Kill sat near the back of the church with his wife Rebecca, a gesture of respect since he had never met the man who held his job 50 years ago. He tried not to call attention to himself, but of course all the former players gravitated toward him, especially those who had not met him yet, and they sounded unanimously impressed. I overheard Kill invite a couple to practice.
     And that's his next priority: Spring drills begin Thursday, Kill's first chance to sort out the talent on his roster and learn who is ready to live up to the standards of hard work and commitment he is demanding. We should know a lot more about the new coach, and his new team, in a month.
     Kill will describe his methods and goals at a press conference at noon Wednesday, before getting to work. The press conference will be streamed live at; click here for the webcast.

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