Vikings replay

  • Article by: Chris Miller
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  • September 23, 2007 - 9:32 PM


Jared Allen, Chiefs: Two sacks, a forced fumble, three QB hurries in his first game back from a two-game NFL suspension for two DUI charges.

Adrian Peterson, Vikings: Rookie RB had 150 of the Vikings' 252 yards despite being the team's only real offensive weapon.


First half, 34 seconds remaining

Second-and-7 for the Vikings at the Chiefs 30

The situation: The Vikings led 10-3.

The play: WR Robert Ferguson got behind the Chiefs' safeties on the left seam, but QB Kelly Holcomb's pass to Ferguson was overthrown.

The result: A sack took the Vikings out of field goal range, and their offense was shut down in the second half.


Tarvaris Jackson sat out with an injury, so we'll tweak our weekly feature with Kelly Holcomb:

Play: No interceptions, but after first drive was immobile as receivers couldn't get open. Grade: Wynn

Leadership: Thrown into a bad situation, we'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Grade: Wade

Stats: Hit 14 of 28 for 165 yards and a rating of 68.3. Grade: Wade

Overall: Holcomb couldn't run and couldn't hide, but was playing his first game since the 2005 season and is clearly saddled with a group of suspect receivers. Grade: Wade


3 Offense

3 Defense

What a battle! The defense failed to score, and the offense tied the D's season TD total.


Peterson might have been worn down by the heat and the workload and could have used Taylor's assistance. The rookie clearly has been up to the challenge this season, however.


Vikings vs. Green Bay

Noon Sunday


About the Packers

Green Bay has won seven in a row, including three this season, and is clearly regretting that it didn't get a chance to hire Brad Childress as coach before last season. Using the controversial "downfield" passing game, they beat the Chargers 31-24 Sunday.

Dangerous player

Brett Favre, above, tied the NFL record for career TD passes (420) and might not be as over the hill as we once believed.

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