Body of missing Lewiston man found

  • Article by: Allie Shah, Dick Meryhew
  • Star Tribune
  • August 21, 2007 - 2:39 PM

WINONA, MINN. - Winona County Sheriff, Dave Brand, announced that as of 12:16 p.m. today, the body of Jered Lorenz has been found.

Lorenz's body was found approximately 4 miles from where his car apparently went into a creek. One of the Winona County sheriff's investigators spotted the body tangled in some trees and they had to cut their way through to retrieve the body, Brand said.

They have transported the body to a Winona County medical examiner's office.

On Monday night, the mother of Lorenz said that she doesn't know what exactly happened to him, but she's accepted it that he's gone.

Nancy Lorenz said Jered Lorenz, 37, the second oldest of her four children, was an avid fisherman and hunter who found his professional calling as a taxidermist.

"As soon as he could walk, he was hunting," she said. Often he would go with his uncle, Danny, and some of her older nephews. He enjoyed talking and joking with everybody and had a lot of friends, she said.

On Saturday night, Jered went to a party near Nodine, Minn. He was planning to stay overnight, she said, but apparently changed his mind. "I don't know why he decided to leave."

He took his girlfriend's car. Coming back, he would have driven on a service road along Interstate 90. "We think, from what we can see, that he started to go over a bridge and ended up in the deep water," she said.

Nancy Lorenz thinks the heavy rainfall, and not his driving, caused the car to end up submerged. "He was a good driver," she said. "He knew that road like the back of his hand."

Jered Lorenz once lived in a mobile home near I-90 in that same area, she said.

"I don't think anyone anticipated what happened that night," she said, referring to the downpour that caused the flooding. "Something happened really fast. What we don't understand is, where is he?"

Her son wasn't a good swimmer, she said. "Yesterday, last night and today, I'm now to the point where I know he's gone."

Then she paused. "Maybe this is the way it's supposed to be. This is exactly where he'd want to be -- in a woods or in a creek."

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