Voices from the Hecker case

  • February 11, 2011 - 9:26 PM

"We're disappointed but not surprised. We weren't terribly optimistic about the outcome today...There are no bodies here. It was a commercial crime, not a violent crime."

William Mauzy, defense attorney

"Your behavior while you had been on release has been pretty shocking. Pretty appalling ...You have been a hazard to navigation in the bankruptcy world and you've been a hazard to navigation in the financial world."

U.S. District Court Judge Joan Ericksen

"It seems like [the sentence] would go that way. They wanted the 10 years. What do you do?"

Kelly Hecker, daughter

"Denny never gives up. Never gives up. Unless you back him into a corner, maybe."

Sandra Hecker, ex-wife

"The sentence imposed by the court today speaks for itself."

John Tracy, assistant general counsel for Chrysler Financial

"There was no winner, just losers and that is the tragedy. Had Mr. Hecker made more reasoned choices along the way, there would not be the current swath of damage."

Matt Burton, bankruptcy attorney working for the trustee

"His crimes continued after the indictment. He corrupted other people...Ten years is a substantial sentence. Ten years is a necessary sentence to provide respect for the law.''

Assistant U.S. Attorney Nicole Engisch

"I hope you all remember that his fate is also the fate of his family...He's already been prosecuted. He doesn't need to be persecuted.''

Beverly Hecker, sister

"For every dollar I spend on attorney's fees to find assets, that's a dollar that I don't have for victims. ...He pays no attention to the rules and keeps the assets he wants.''

Randall Seaver, bankruptcy trustee

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