Love by the Numb#rs: Wolves hoping he's smelling sweet for an All Star Game invitation

  • Blog Post by: Jerry Zgoda
  • January 27, 2011 - 4:44 PM

The Timberwolves have unveiled their public-relations campaign aimed at getting Western Conference coaches to vote Kevin Love into the All-Star Game.

You can see it here

It's a spoof on those silly, pompous fragrance ads.

This time, the product is: 

"Numb#rs, a Fragrance by Kevin Love. Part of the 612 All Star Collection."

Shot backstage at Target Center in artsy black and white, it features Love, dressed in black with a contrasting scarf wrapped around his neck, contemplatively walking down a lit runway with adoring fans, including a dapper Crunch surrounded by the ladies, clamoring silently in the background.

The only sound is some moody piano music and Love's voiceover at the end that says, "Who has the numbers? You tell me."

Interesting timing here:

Love's promotional campaign was unveiled the same day that the NBA suspended Memphis guard O.J. Mayo for 10 games for violating the league's anti-drug program after he tested positive for DHEA, a steroid precursor that Mayo says he mistakenly got from an over-the-counter supplement.

Remember when everybody went nuts on draft night 2008 after Kevin McHale traded Mayo's rights for Love's in a big, late-night deal?

Give the big guy credit for doing something right.

The Wolves are sending out packages that include a bottle of cologne, a tube of aftershave and a sheet of statistics promoting him for All Star consideration.

"I love it,  to be honest with you," Love said. "The (video) we did is authentic. A lot of people were saying it's almost too authentic."

Just don't get that cologne confused with the glass cleaner the team sent out to promote him for Rookie of the Year two years ago when he dabs some on behind his ears before a night on the town.

So what does the fragrance smell of?


"Yeah, but it's good sweat," he said. "Good smellin' sweat."

Somebody asked Love if he took any acting tips from Kurt Rambis, who still has his Screen Actor's guild card from his Hollywood days.

"No, no, he was pretty horrid in `Eddie,' " Love said, referring to the 1996 film in which Whoopi Goldberg plays a limo driver who becomes coach of the Knicks. "So I try not to take any of his acting tips into account too much."






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